About Wouters & Van der Velde & You

“Yes, we advise mortgages.
No, we are not a mortgage advisor.”

So, what are we about?
First and foremost: it’s about you!
Finances are personal, and so should financial advice be. Our focus is on you, not on products. Our point of departure is always you. We do not sell products. Instead, we develop a personal and conscientious financial plan. We think about what can be and have an optimistic approach towards the ‘what if?’ questions.

Let’s talk

In person
Your journey with Rob and René starts with an in-depth personal interview. We don’t ask you 'what’, but 'why'. With us, a buy does not mean bye. After you have purchased your home, the process is concluded by follow-up care. During the entire process, you will always be directly in contact with us. In our first meeting we discover who you are, what drives you and what your needs are. You discover who we are and how we can help you.

Our core business is not only advice, but also guidance, intermediation, planning and structuring. We offer a complete set of services when you are buying your new home.


 Toll numbers, call menus, receptionists… to us, that does not fit the picture of a personal approach. We want you to enjoy your new home, not suffer sleepless nights during the time leading up to your new home. At all times, you will be in direct contact with either Rob or René. Always.

Want to know more about our methods? How to buy a house

We don’t ask you 'what’, but 'why’. You will get an in-depth interview with Rob or René. The interview touches all kinds of aspects, such as past and future scope, saving and spending, security and flexibility. We dig down to the core and clarify your situation. This will be the basis of our sound mortgage advice for you. Leaving no questions unanswered. That is where our strength lies.