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"Our mortgage was a special case. We talked to several banks and advisors. Rene was the only one that made it happen. He guided us through the whole process so professionally and explained everything clearly. Everything just went so smooth. I highly recommend Rene."


P Ferrer

"Amazing service, Rob took care of everything and walk me through the process from A to Z. Super professional and highly recommended, specially if you don't have too much time avaliable. All was well and quick organised"


Mo Alameddine

"Getting a mortgage never felt easier and that is thanks to Rob who took away all the stress from the process. From the first call Rob explained the whole process smoothly and the different types of mortgages and the type that fits my situation. Being an independent advisor, Rob managed to find the best condition that would help us. It was a great relaxing experience that I would advise anyone seeking a mortgage and looking to feel in safe to contact Rob. "


Hugo Mendoza

"Rob and his partner helped me twice, first in getting a mortgage for the house where I live now and he made the process for a newbie like very easy to understand and felt always in safe hands. Then they also helped me get an investment mortgage which we discussed for months and then finally managed a way to make it possible, he never said it is not possible and found a solution that helped me get what I need. I would highly recommend Rob and his business partner."


yves Pouliquen

"2nd time Rob is helping me to coordinate a request to my bank. as usual, Rob is extremely fast and accurate. I sincerely appreciate his professionalism and Reactivity. I have recommended Rob to my friends already. "


F. Szajnfarber

"We just completed our house purchase and feel extremely satisfied with the professionalism and efforts of Rob and his team. The entire process went very smooth, from start to finish. Rob is very knowledgeable and guided us through the Dutch market - always seeking to match our needs. He was patient and always easy to reach. We got full support with the financial asssessment, financing plan and mortgage search. I highly recommend Rob when looking for finance advice and buying a property! "


Adil Mohammad

"I worked through a bank - and quickly realised that if it was up to their own employee looking after new mortgage customers, then I would likely not get the mortgage. I contacted Rob - and he immediately went into swing securing an offer from the same bank in record time. He was responsive at all times. He knew the process and provided guidance at every step, whilst eliminating any hassle for me. It has been a fantastic experience due to the excellent and effective service he offered. I will definitely want to make use of Rob’s mortgage brokerage service again. And, I can strongly recommend him for anyone who needs to obtain a mortgage fast, efficiently and with minimum hassle. Great value!"



" Rob and his team made the mortgage application process a breeze! He is always available to answer questions and explain everything with a calm and cool vibe. Highly recommended"



"Highly recommended - Rob made the mortgage application process pain-free and very quick. Awesome experience during a stressful time! "



"I am very happy with the service provided by Rob, he always made sure I understood everything and felt comfortable with the decisions I made. Very efficient and great communication along the way. Made everything easy for me as a client. Highly recommended."


Gabriela & Patrick

"With a busy work schedule and one baby on the way, we had hardly any time to investigate and go through the mortgage process ourselves, at the speed required by today's market. Rob provided us with the exact service that we needed: expertise and advise taylored to our needs and family situation, prompt follow up on paperwork and guidance on what we needed to do to secure our mortgage in time. As others mentioned, he made it easy for us. I really appreciate the customer centric and flexible attitude, therefore we would highly recommend him."


Teodora & Marios

"Being an expat it is very challenging to arrange everything by yourself. Rob took great care of all our requirements and provided the best options for our mortgage. He guided us through the process from begin to end, keeping us always very well informed and taking the time to help us make the right decisions. Moreover he was always available by phone during the whole process in order to provide on the spot advice and assistance. Therefore I would highly recommend him."



"As mentioned by many below, being an expat can be challenging when wanting to acquire a property with the best mortgage proposition. Rene was efficient from the beginning to the end, and provided a very competitive mortgage deal. He also responded very quickly to any requests. I definitely recommend Rene for any help with your future mortgage!"


Sjaak en Clara

"Wi zijn ontzettend tevreden. Rogier van Weerd heeft ons werkelijk fantastisch begeleid in de aankoop van een nieuw huis. Op de vele vragen van onze kant bleef Rogier zeer professioneel antwoorden en hadden wij het volste vertrouwen dat het financieel goed zou komen. Top, we kunnen niet anders concluderen en dit bedrijf aanraden. Dank Rogier. "


Mevr. Batenburg

"Voor onze beide kinderen heeft Rob een hypotheek kunnen regelen. Hij heeft onze kinderen uitgelegd hoe zoiets werkt een huis kopen. Een constructie gemaakt zodat ze het appartement konden kopen. Zeer tevreden en een aanrader voor een ieder die hun kind wil helpen met het kopen van een woning. "


Kirsten Jansen

"Wat ben ik blij met Rob!! Rob staat altijd voor je klaar en geen vraag is teveel. Ook de hypotheek was supersnel rond! Ik kan nu met veel plezier in mijn nieuwe huisje wonen!! Bedankt Rob! "


Eric and Maria

"We are grateful for Rob’s help with our mortgage application. We particularly appreciated the clarity, efficiency, and friendliness of the communication, as well as his efforts to get a good understanding of our particular situation. Should the need arise in future, we would certainly go back to Wouters & Van der Velde for advice."


Jeroen Kouwenhoven

"Rob heeft ons super goed geholpen met de Hypotheek voor ons nieuwe huis. In het voor-traject heeft hij ons ook heel goed geadviseerd en je voelt dat Rob met je meedenkt en voelt. Rob en Rogier hebben ook heel snel voor ons de financiering rond gekregen door goed alle stukken te verzamelen an alle acties op tijd uittezetten. Zelfs de verkopende makelaar was verbaasd over de snelheid. "


Robert & Marjanne

"Dit is de tweede keer dat Rob naar tevredenheid helpt met een financiering – prettige communicatie, eerlijk en "recht voor zijn raap advies", verstand van zaken, korte lijnen, snel schakelen en tijdige afronding van het geheel!!"


Raoul & Razia

"Geholpen door Rob. Zeer concreet en deskundig advies met een persoonlijke touch. Gaat verder dan enkel alleen het faciliteren van een hypotheek. Kijkt naar de persoonlijke situatie en toetst op eerlijke wijze wat haalbaar is. Wij kunnen Rob met volle vertrouwen aanraden."


Casper and Emma

"We are satisfied returning customers. Rob has helped us with our mortgage arrangements while we were in the Netherlands and also later when we had moved abroad. Importantly, Rob has a very good understanding of the specific needs of people who spend a (significant) part of their careers abroad and for whom standard mortgage solutions are inadequate. On top of that, he is a friendly person to deal with and fast to respond to queries."



"Definitely recommend, as an expat I was guided the whole way through the process start to finish with no issues and help with all documentation. Fantastic service."


Jacques Van der puil

"Did is nu de tweede keer dat we voor een hypotheek bij Wouters & van der Velde aankloppen. En net als vorige x vlekkeloos en uiterst vlot verlopen. Volgende keer zeker weer Wouters en van der Velde. Echte professionals."


Kees grotenhuis

"With great expertise we were navigated through all the paperwork of getting a great mortgage that fulfilled all or wishes and more"


Minos K.

"Rene has helped me on multiple occasions, most notably on the purchase of my first house. I am satisfied to the highest degree by our cooperation, namely by the speed, reliability, effectiveness, responsiveness, and the always well-informed, clear advice. I am definitely a returning customer and would highly recommend the services of Wouters & Van Der Velde."


Fred and Ans

"Rene & Rob leveren professionele service en begrijpen wat je nodig hebt aan adviezen bij het kopen van een huis. Zelf in ons geval bij het kopen van een kavel en een te bouwen huis wat op zich een behoorlijk project is, geven ze de beste adviezen. Dankjewel hiervoor! "


Marta & Sam

"Rene is great! He helped us with buying our first house and all the matters related to Polish/British household. Professional service, tailor-made and independent mortgage advice, personal touch."


Ra'ed Kawar

"I am a returning customer, I have used Mr. Wouter's services in the past and I was happy with the results. On the second time, I have received again services that deliver results. What I also found interesting, is the understanding of the customer need, circumstances and the forthcoming solutions"


Bjorn de M.

"I have known Rob for years and he has supported me for a wide range of both commercial and private mortgages. Beyond his pleasant attitude, customer focus and rather amazing speed of response his expertise is beyond none. Quite often he has been very transparent about certain solutions being more suitable for my personal situation, even at times when it would not be in his personal interest. A trusted advisor that I would recommend to anyone. I will be back :-). "


Albert en Ditty

"We first came to Rob while still living in Nigeria and looking for a house in NL, despite the distance, Rob helped us sorting the Mortgage and we successfully completed the Purchase. In the following years he successfully helped 2 of my kids with mortgages on their houses. Rob is really knowledgeable in the world of mortgages and personal finances, and looks for a solution that best fits your personal circumstances but most importantly he is totally independent. He combines his skill with a very amiable character making it the perfect combination. So if you need a mortgage or advice on personal finance, I have no hesitation in recommending Rob and his colleagues Rogier and Renee."


Albert Holtslag

"Hypotheek advies van dhr Wouters sinds 2005. 5 nieuwe hypotheken en oversluitingen. Eerst via Kroller, nu woutersenvandervelde. Iedere keer opnieuw het beste advies en een scherper aanbod dan van banken direct en andere aanbieders. Nu in april 2020 voor een CPO project in Den Haag opnieuw hetzelfde. Kosten van hypotheek advies zijn tegenwoordig transparant en worden apart afgerekend. Kan een hurdle zijn. Het beste advies is goud waard en is snel terugverdiend 👍"



"Rob and Rogier have been instrumental at providing tailor made mortgage advice for our needs, making the entire process stress free as well as getting a great mortgage deal! Much appreciated!"


Marc en Jennifer

"Rob heeft ons snel en goed geholpen met de hypotheek en levensverzekering voor onze nieuwe woning. Hij had oog voor specifieke (arbeids) situaties waardoor hij ons ook onder lastige omstandigheden zeer goed maatwerk heeft geleverd. Echt klasse! "



"Rob beschikt over alle kennis die nodig is, en is daarnaast ook nog eens een prettig persoon om mee samen te werken. Hij denkt graag mee, durft initiatief te nemen, is altijd aanspreekbaar en hanteert een persoonlijke aanpak. Ook kijkt hij naar jou als persoon en passen hij z'n advies daarop aan. Geen klachten, en kan het iedereen aanbevelen. "



"Rene heeft ons de afgelopen 17 jaar op een aantal belangrijke momenten heel goed en snel geadviseerd. Hij kan financiële zaken duidelijk uitleggen en gaat goed in op je persoonlijke situatie en voorkeuren. Zijn hypotheekadvies bij de aankoop van ons eerste huis heeft heel goed uitgepakt en ook recent is zijn advies weer van grote waarde geweest. Door zijn persoonlijke aanpak, kan ik hem van harte aanbevelen! "


Chloe & Luke

"Rob came highly recommended and did not disappoint! He gave us all the information we needed to feel happy and confident in our purchase, took the time to explain everything and get to know us. He made the whole application feel seamless and simple. Overall an excellent, personal service. "


Edzard en Elisabeth

"Rob was recommended to me via a friend and did not disappoint! I am a Dutch expat living abroad and in this case not so straightforward to arrange a mortgage. Rob has got long experience and exactly knows how the system works, which is of great benefit. He can get things done with the banks very quickly, also in situations where custom advice is required. He is very helpful in relation to all my questions and responds very quickly, which was very helpful especially as I required a mortgage during the COVID 19 market crash. I would highly recommend him!!"



"we engaged Rob Wouters even before we relocated to The Hague. Rob had arranged pre-approvals and set us up for success to begin property search on day one with the confidence that we could submit an offer right away. Rob assured us that the process to secure a mortgage in the Netherlands is often painful and cumbersome, yet we experienced non of that first hand. Rob worked hard behind the scenes, clearly leveraging his remarkable relationship with the lending bank, to deliver a timely outcome. Finances were never on critical path for us, and we now have our new home, essentially trouble free. Rob was available and personal throughout the process. We cannot recommend Rob's services more highly for those navigating the financial process behind buying a new home."



"Rob is top! Ik ken Rob al bijna 20 jaar en ben vanaf het begin onder de indruk van zijn kennis van zaken, zijn vermogen om oplossingen te vinden voor bijkans iedere situatie, zijn kennis van de fiscale wetgeving en zijn heldere kijk op de risico's en voordelen van verschillende mogelijke constructies. Zijn relaties met de voornaamste financiers maken het mogelijk dat hij zeer snel kan werken en het vertrouwen van de hypotheekdesk van de bank laat het toe dat wachttijden worden vermeden. En daarnaast is Rob gewoon een goed mens, met een eerlijke inslag. Hij kijkt niet alleen naar de financien, maar ook naar de mens achter de vraag en dat is minstens zo belangrijk. Dank voor opnieuw een geslaagd traject, Rob, en succes met je onderneming. "



"Al sinds 2009 ben ik klant van René. Hij heeft me destijds tot grote tevredenheid geholpen met allerlei financiële zaken (o.a. lijfrenteverzekeringen) en onlangs wederom bij het overzetten van mijn hypotheek en weer is er echt maatwerk geleverd! Ik heb de samenwerking als zeer prettig en kundig ervaren. Ik ben dan ook weer heel erg blij met de uitkomst en kan René dan ook van harte aanbevelen voor een kundig advies en prettige samenwerking. Nogmaals mijn dank René!"


Corine Man in 't Veld

" Ongelofelijk tevreden ben ik over René en zijn specifieke kennis en diensten. Hij is zeer professioneel en geeft een heel eerlijk advies precies op maat. Hij is zeer ervaren en kan zich heel goed verplaatsen in de situatie en de wensen van zijn klanten. Hij is uiterst geduldig en kan goed luisteren. Ook is hij heel creatief in het meedenken en het zoeken naar oplossingen. Hij houdt zich keurig aan zijn afspraken en is heel nauwgezet. Kortom, voor mij was en is het een feest om zaken met hem te doen. Ik kan hem echt aanbevelen. Dank je wel René !!!!!! "


Juan & Joris

"After a great experience the first time, it seemed only logical to contact Rene again for the purchase of a house. We truly do not regret it. His work stands far above the work of comparable advisors. We have as of yet been unable to catch him making a single slip-up. But above that, we consider him a warm and person. A person that we are greatly indebted to as no service fee could possibly cover the kind, professional and high quality advice that Rene has bennefited us with."



"We have been a longtime client with Rob and Rogier from their previous employer. Hence we did not heisitate to work with them in their new Company. The services are amzingly fast; a quote from the bank is usually within a day or two, acceptance letter in the same time frame. Interaction and contact with them is very pleasant and personal, an exception in today's world. Very pleased with their services and will continue using them."



"Buying our first house in the Netherlands was easy with Rob. From the first meeting, we have appreciated his strong expertise, honest advice and proximity – he has been always with us in every step and beyond. A professional expert who works fast and efficiently, someone who is adapting his approach based on the situation in front of him. For us, he is a point of reference and we are referring his name in our expats' community."



"Wij zijn zeer tevreden over het hele proces van advies tot kopen met Rob. Je word in het begin gelijk wakker geschud en tot de echte wereld terug gebracht. En dat heb je nodig van je adviseur. Hij is effectief, eerlijk tot de bot en dat heb je nodig om je financiële situatie op orde te stellen. Hij heeft ons enorm geholpen met juiste beslissingen en daardoor konden we onze droomhuis kopen. Nog maals ontzettend bedankt voor alles! Gr.Magda&Dennis"


Barry van der Hoeven & Sanne Dietz

"Rob heb ik leren kennen als collega, omdat ik zelf ook werkzaam ben ik de financiële sector. Met verwondering en bewondering heb ik kunnen zien hoe Rob op een zeer hoog niveau service levert aan zijn klanten. Bij de aankoop van onze eerste woning heb ik Rob ingeschakeld en dit hebben wij als zeer prettig ervaren. Niet alleen qua snelheid en gemak, maar ook zijn visie over onze financiële toekomst gaf ons veel rust en vertrouwen. Bedankt Rob! "


Stephan Tio

"It is very nice to experience positive results from working together with your advisers. Rogier van Weerd has been assisting us for more than ten years now, also before my retirement from the Shell company. He is very professional, and works fast and efficiently. The vast experience of him and his colleagues can offer many advantages when we want to choose the right option that fulfills our needs. Thank you so much for your excellent added value, Rogier!"



"Rob Wouters provided excellent guidance when buying our house. Rob gives good and honest advice, he works efficiently, has arranged our finances within a very short time and is reliable. Rob has expertise, experience and a people-oriented approach. I would certainly recommend him. Thanks again Rob!"



"I'm a client of Rob. His service is very professional, fast, pragmatic and reliable. He is the one who I will highly recommended to all of my friend. "



"Door het meekijken en meedenken van Rob op een fijne manier een fantastisch huis gekocht. Hij geeft een eerlijk advies en denkt ook met je mee aan de hand van je persoonlijke situatie. Bij een bank is het een eenzijdig advies, maar bij hem weet je zeker dat het advies echt op jou gericht is. Hoe fijn is het om op zo'n manier een huis te kopen! En zelfs als je vraagjes daarna hebt helpt hij je nog. Wij raden iedereen aan "met Rob (Wouters) samen je nieuwe woning te kopen". "


Fam. Wannee

"We zijn een jong gezin die voor het eerst een huis wilde kopen. We gingen door een spannende periode, maar met behulp van Rob, zijn wij vaak gerustgesteld met eerlijk advies en snelle oplossingen. Hij heeft uiteindeljk het meest haalbare eruit weten te krijgen voor ons en we zijn hem dan ook ontzettend dankbaar. Wij raden iedereen Rob Wouters aan! Nogmaals bedankt Rob!"



"Rob has been instrumental in my first house purchase. He was very patient in answering all the questions i threw his way. I really appreciate the effort he has put into my case. The process would have been very stressful if I didnt have Rob’s expert advice. Thank you Rob!!"



"Buying my first house was a challenge, however Rob made that journey much easier. Rob has helped out family members before, which led me back to him. The first conversation we had proved that he asked about me as a person, and my goals, instead of all the standardized questions. His personal attention, but also extensive knowledge, eased what is normally a very stressful period. Ultimately, Rob helped me out tremendously, which resulted in me being able to buy my first home. I'd advise Rob to anyone who asks, simply because Rob treats you like an actual person, instead of just another number. "


Henk De kraa

"Ondanks dat het de drukke decembermaand was, werden wij snel , accuraat en professioneel door Rob Wouters aan een.nieuwe hypotheek geholpen! Grote dank"


Kees Compier

"We have been very well supported with the application of the mortgage for our new house. Excellent and straight forward advise, service and good feedback on the status of the application process. "



"Excellent advice and services from Rob and Rene regarding the mortgage of our new home. They kept us constantly informed. Will definitely choose them again next time and can only recommend them."



"Rob Wouters from “Wouters & Van der Velde” has been for more than 20 years our Mortgages advisor in the Netherlands, he has recently been instrumental in arranging our 2nd mortgage, which was certainly not an easy international case. Over the years, we have always received financial advice and support without any obligations. In our opinion Rob and his team have a thorough and in depth knowledge of EXPAT financial services that often needs to be handled efficiently and quickly and on the basis of good faith. Rob is well accessible, replies quickly to questions (important when being abroad), receives you (when in country) in an “informal” atmosphere and will always make the time to get to know you personally aiming at a personal and fit for purpose advice."



"After being passed around from pillar to post to get our mortgage sorted, I came in contact with Rob Wouters from "Wouters & van der Velde". From the first contact, Rob made the difference, he asked the right questions and an appointment was made quickly. Our mortgage was not easy to arrange due to foreign income, but due to Rob's knowledge and drive, it ultimately was a piece of cake for us. If only I had contacted him straight away, it would have saved a lot of stress. I can full heartily recommend Rob! "



"Rob assisted me with two properties in last 4 years. Rob has an immense understanding of Dutch housing market especially the mortgages. Together with knowledge and his can do mentality has helped me getting matters sorted out in few days time which generally takes weeks or even months. I feel happy to recommend Rob's services in housing market sector. "



"Imagine you are an Expat in the Netherlands, you signed a work contract for some years and you don't plan to stay forever but still: you really dislike the idea of paying rent. After all, the rent you are paying month after month pays the investment of someone else, so to be explicit: you are throwing your money out of the window for the benefit of someone else, you don't even know! Of course that's not smart, so you had a look at the real estate market and although you don't speak Dutch you finally found a house or flat. You spoke with your partner and some colleagues and of course it makes sense to buy, as the Netherlands are a strong economy and a real international business hub with great infrastructure. And whatever will happen with Brexit, the Netherlands will for sure benefit, as blue chip companies are already moving their headquarters from the UK to the NL. But, of course nothing comes as easy as it looks and there are a lots of written and unwritten rules about applying for a mortgage. Which bank offers the best rates? How much money must I own, to apply for a mortgage? 60%, 50% or is less also fine? Didn't one of your colleagues even told you that you can borrow up to a maximum of 100% of your property's value in the Netherlands? And for how many years should you fix the interest? Well, to summarize this, there is one man, who can help you with all your financial questions and if you are looking for someone who has lots of years of experience, who knows the financial landscape in the Netherlands like the back of one's hand, who speaks Dutch and English, and who knows, how to guide Expats through the process of buying a house or a flat in the Netherlands you just found this guide. Mr Rob Wouters helped me and his expertise and network were absolutely valuable. I can highly recommend Rob for anybody, who is thinking of buying property in the Netherlands and applying for a loan. Rob helped me, efficient, quick, and always solution orientated! Thanks Rob!"



"In the last 15 years I bought and sold three houses, all with Rob. The reason that I am a return customer is that Rob is independent - he wants what is best for me versus trying to sell me a certain product. He personally dealt with the whole process involving the mortgages, he digs deeply into what was important for me each time so he could advise me on the best type of mortgage and with whom. On top of that he helped with the administrative burden, lining up the relevant parties for signing etc. If I ever buy a house again, Rob is on speed dial!"