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Fam. Wannee

"We zijn een jong gezin die voor het eerst een huis wilde kopen. We gingen door een spannende periode, maar met behulp van Rob, zijn wij vaak gerustgesteld met eerlijk advies en snelle oplossingen. Hij heeft uiteindeljk het meest haalbare eruit weten te krijgen voor ons en we zijn hem dan ook ontzettend dankbaar. Wij raden iedereen Rob Wouters aan! Nogmaals bedankt Rob!"



"Rob has been instrumental in my first house purchase. He was very patient in answering all the questions i threw his way. I really appreciate the effort he has put into my case. The process would have been very stressful if I didnt have Rob’s expert advice. Thank you Rob!!"



"Buying my first house was a challenge, however Rob made that journey much easier. Rob has helped out family members before, which led me back to him. The first conversation we had proved that he asked about me as a person, and my goals, instead of all the standardized questions. His personal attention, but also extensive knowledge, eased what is normally a very stressful period. Ultimately, Rob helped me out tremendously, which resulted in me being able to buy my first home. I'd advise Rob to anyone who asks, simply because Rob treats you like an actual person, instead of just another number. "


Henk De kraa

"Ondanks dat het de drukke decembermaand was, werden wij snel , accuraat en professioneel door Rob Wouters aan een.nieuwe hypotheek geholpen! Grote dank"


Kees Compier

"We have been very well supported with the application of the mortgage for our new house. Excellent and straight forward advise, service and good feedback on the status of the application process. "



"Excellent advice and services from Rob and Rene regarding the mortgage of our new home. They kept us constantly informed. Will definitely choose them again next time and can only recommend them."



"Rob Wouters from “Wouters & Van der Velde” has been for more than 20 years our Mortgages advisor in the Netherlands, he has recently been instrumental in arranging our 2nd mortgage, which was certainly not an easy international case. Over the years, we have always received financial advice and support without any obligations. In our opinion Rob and his team have a thorough and in depth knowledge of EXPAT financial services that often needs to be handled efficiently and quickly and on the basis of good faith. Rob is well accessible, replies quickly to questions (important when being abroad), receives you (when in country) in an “informal” atmosphere and will always make the time to get to know you personally aiming at a personal and fit for purpose advice."



"After being passed around from pillar to post to get our mortgage sorted, I came in contact with Rob Wouters from "Wouters & van der Velde". From the first contact, Rob made the difference, he asked the right questions and an appointment was made quickly. Our mortgage was not easy to arrange due to foreign income, but due to Rob's knowledge and drive, it ultimately was a piece of cake for us. If only I had contacted him straight away, it would have saved a lot of stress. I can full heartily recommend Rob! "



"Rob assisted me with two properties in last 4 years. Rob has an immense understanding of Dutch housing market especially the mortgages. Together with knowledge and his can do mentality has helped me getting matters sorted out in few days time which generally takes weeks or even months. I feel happy to recommend Rob's services in housing market sector. "



"Imagine you are an Expat in the Netherlands, you signed a work contract for some years and you don't plan to stay forever but still: you really dislike the idea of paying rent. After all, the rent you are paying month after month pays the investment of someone else, so to be explicit: you are throwing your money out of the window for the benefit of someone else, you don't even know! Of course that's not smart, so you had a look at the real estate market and although you don't speak Dutch you finally found a house or flat. You spoke with your partner and some colleagues and of course it makes sense to buy, as the Netherlands are a strong economy and a real international business hub with great infrastructure. And whatever will happen with Brexit, the Netherlands will for sure benefit, as blue chip companies are already moving their headquarters from the UK to the NL. But, of course nothing comes as easy as it looks and there are a lots of written and unwritten rules about applying for a mortgage. Which bank offers the best rates? How much money must I own, to apply for a mortgage? 60%, 50% or is less also fine? Didn't one of your colleagues even told you that you can borrow up to a maximum of 100% of your property's value in the Netherlands? And for how many years should you fix the interest? Well, to summarize this, there is one man, who can help you with all your financial questions and if you are looking for someone who has lots of years of experience, who knows the financial landscape in the Netherlands like the back of one's hand, who speaks Dutch and English, and who knows, how to guide Expats through the process of buying a house or a flat in the Netherlands you just found this guide. Mr Rob Wouters helped me and his expertise and network were absolutely valuable. I can highly recommend Rob for anybody, who is thinking of buying property in the Netherlands and applying for a loan. Rob helped me, efficient, quick, and always solution orientated! Thanks Rob!"



"In the last 15 years I bought and sold three houses, all with Rob. The reason that I am a return customer is that Rob is independent - he wants what is best for me versus trying to sell me a certain product. He personally dealt with the whole process involving the mortgages, he digs deeply into what was important for me each time so he could advise me on the best type of mortgage and with whom. On top of that he helped with the administrative burden, lining up the relevant parties for signing etc. If I ever buy a house again, Rob is on speed dial!"